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  • When does the recruiting process start?
    In today’s world of recruiting, the recruiting process is starting earlier than ever before. The NCAA’s timeline for recruiting starts day 1 of Freshman year, but there are athletic programs and coaches who are making offers to middle school athletes. College sports recruiting is highly competitive amongst college coaches and they have continuously pushed the limits to try to bring in the next best recruiting class for their program. Think about it, if you had your job on the line each year depending on Wins and Losses, would you wait to recruit late seniors or would you try to get commitments from athlete early in their lives? With understanding the college coaches approach, It’s really not your choice whether you wait to start the recruiting process or start early. The recruiting process will start early no matter when you start. So to be safe get evaluated by a 3rd party scout and start the recruiting process before its too late.
  • I am already a senior, is it too late for me to get recruited?
    No, senior year is not too late to start the recruiting process. Starting the process senior year isn’t the ideal starting point but there is still time to find the right college opportunity. Starting the process senior will definitely mean there is some ‘catch up’ work to be done, but the work is worth it. Remember, you have one chance to get recruited in your life and even though you are getting a late start there is still time to put together a very serious recruiting campaign and earn a scholarship. The doors are not shut, and the recruiting process isn’t over, until you graduate high school
  • My coach told me that if I'm good enough college coaches will find me on their own. Is that true?
    30 years ago, yes. In today’s world? No. Recruiting starts online today and 95% of athletes are identified online first. College coaches don’t have time to go to random high school games just to find the diamond in the rough. College coaches use trusted scouting services to verify high school athletes and gather information to start building their recruiting lists. Once they are informed about an athlete they will eventually want to see that player live.
  • I go to a lot of camps, combines, and showcases but I'm still not getting recruited. Why not?
    Many camps, combines, and showcase events are not made for recruiting purposes even though they market them to be. Most are companies who are in business to make a profit and most do not have college coaches present at their events. If a college coach attends a camp, combine, or showcase it’s usually because he wants to see a player he is already recruiting play live. It is important to remember that camps, combines and showcases can be helpful to getting recruited but they are not the end all. They are a way to get all of your athletic information verified as well an opportunity to test yourself against top competition in your area, but they do not always lead to exposure. There are sometimes hundreds if not a thousand other recruits at these events and it can be very difficult to stand out. Also these companies and colleges that run the events invite tons of other recruits so they can generate revenue. Sometimes certain combines or camps may not even have any college coaches there at the event itself.
  • I play Junior Varsity. Should I wait to play Varsity to start the recruiting process?
    Do not wait until varsity to start your recruiting process. Even though you have not played varsity yet the timeline in recruiting still matters. If you are one of the best athletes on your team, for your age, it is highly recommended to start the process. Waiting to start the process until you play varsity can be the difference between you earning a scholarship or not. Don’t wait.
  • I can get recruited on my own, right?
    Yes you can, but remember you go through the recruiting process one time. There are no do-overs in recruiting and if you take on all the responsibility you may have regrets afterward if you don’t succeed. To do it on your own it will take a lot of time, a consistent effort, a well planned game plan and knowledge about the recruiting process. The process can be very confusing and frustrating, and that’s the reason Next Level Recruiting exists…to help simplify and manage the recruiting process for you.
  • Does my family need to invest a lot of money to get recruited?
    Whether you decide to invest in a scouting service for help, or you decide to navigate the process yourself, recruiting DOES cost money! Whether its camps, combines, showcase events, travel expenses, professional video editing, or travel/club team fees you will end up spending thousands of dollars trying to get recruited. The question is: Are you spending money in the right places? Answer: Working with Next Level Recruiting will save you time and money because we do all of the above at one low rate, and we will give you a game plan that is proven to work.
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