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                                               What We Do


Next Level Recruiting-USA  provides a personalized recruiting solution for each student-athlete we work with, providing our prospects with a customized recruiting program that is designed to get each athlete maximum exposure and opportunities resulting in giving the student athlete and their families options and educated choices. 


                      How Does Next Level Recruiting Do It?


Next Level Recruiting provides 4 distinct phases of College Athletic Recruiting which make us one the leaders in the industry.


1. Character - Because our company is located here locally, we are able to attend most practices & games on a regular basis, this allows us to provide College Coaches with one of their most IMPORTANT questions about a prospective recruit, What type of person is he?  This is a unique aspect of Next Level Recruiting.


2. Evaluation - You must be evaluated by a trusted source your coach, (we work directly with your head coach).


3. Identification - You must be identified by college coaches/recruiters  (They must know you exist).


4. Recruited - With the Student-Athlete, Head Coach  and Next Level Recruiting we will create a profile to present to our Nationwide network of college Coaches/Recruiters with a non-biased evaluation of our recruit.

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