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                                                                                  Day 1 to Day Recruited 
















1) First and foremost, maintain your grades.

2) Continue to improve on the field.

3) Complete ALL necessary steps in the NLR Guide Book.

4) Don’t do it the easy way…Do it the right way.


Day 1 to Day     3









NLR Creates your Profile and your Recruiting Activity Dashboard

NLR builds and manages a state-of-the-art custom Recruiting Activity Dashboard for you, complete with academic transcripts, photos, Coach Assessment, stats, all pertinent athletic & academic credentials, contact information, built-in professional video and recruiting tips.


Throughout the course of your recruiting process, your custom NLR profile can feature as many new highlight reels as you want.

NLR works with your current high school coach to collect assessments. We feature these assessments on your dashboard so that college coaches can read what your coaches are saying about you.


NLR monitors interest from college coaches, including every coach that opens your emails and watches your videos. NLR creates and manages a report of this information and updates the report every 24 hours so your family can track potential recruiting interest as well.


These reports help bring valuable transparency to your college recruitment activity. They help determine which programs are and are not showing preliminary interest in you, and what you can do to jump-start dialogue with these college coaches.

Student-Athlete Assessment / Matching

NLR Completes a assessment of you to include your Academic (Current Core Course GPA, SAT/ACT Score and Tran​script) Athletic (Coach Assessment, Player Profile, Highlight Film, Physical) matrices. Once completed Next Level Recruiting will begin Matching you to your Target Colleges (top 5) based on your planned major and playing profile. 


                                                                                                 DAY 1 - 3 

                                                    Production of Professional Highlight Film










With full access to all of your schools Game and Practice film we begin the process of creating your professional highlight film with film that best highlights your skill set and of what we've learned College Coaches/Recruiters want to see. 


DAY 1 - 3 College Selection Process          


NLR then leads the process of building your “target audience” or custom pool of college programs determined by how well you perform on the field and on film, how your high school and/or club coaches assess you, academic performance, physical attributes and other personal preferences.

                                                                              DAY 3 - RECRUITED           

                                                      Personal Phone Call Marketing Campaign








Using our 15 years of experience and our earned relationships with College Coaches across the country, Next Level Recruiting begins the process of calling our network of College Coaches/Recruiters that Match your profile, starting with your TOP school choices

One week after coach contact NLR will follow up with coach (if needed). 



                                                                      Email Marketing Campaign








NLR composes and sends personal introductions on the athlete’s direct behalf to each college coach in their network. Each email is written for the athlete and college coaches are addressed personally by name.

A few weeks after introducing you to college coaches, NLR composes and sends personal follow-up emails to each college coach that has not yet replied to you. 30 days later, we launch a new email marketing campaign for you, again composing personal emails to each college coach by name.

1-on-1 Private Guidance & Support

NLR is available for one-on-one private guidance & support with important steps throughout the college recruitment process, including:

› Replying to college coaches

› Managing your social media assets

› Camps, combines & recruiting events

› How and when to start narrowing college choices

› In-person interviews with college coaches – how to prepare for them

› Preparing for Official & Unofficial Campus visits

› Understanding the National Letter of Intent – dates, policies, what it means, and who will and won’t be signing one.


College Recruiting Tips, Reminders & Success Tools

Finally, NLR delivers frequent reminders, tips and success tools to keep athletes and parents informed of important NCAA recruiting rule changes, upcoming events and general recruiting guidance.


Thank you                   

Next Level Recruiting-USA

The NLR Game Plan  - Next Steps

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