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Official Athletic Recruiter of Brennan High School Athletics


 We understand the economic situation for many right now isn’t as good as it has been, so in our effort help ensure every Student/Athlete that wants to take their Education and Game to the next Level has every opportunity to do so.


How much does it cost to attend college in Texas

and how important is a Scholarship in the process. + ROI



SCHOLARSHIP                       WITH



Avg. Annual Tuition-R&B



Avg. Annual Tuition-R&B


A - Avg. FAFSA

$ -9,000


A - Avg. FAFSA

$ -9,000

B – Academic Entitlement W/ 1100 SAT

$ -5,000


B – Academic

Entitlement W/ 1100 SAT

$ -5,000

Total Out of Pocket

per year



Net Cost






C - NLR Premium Program

+ 698




Net Cost





* NLR Avg. Per Year Scholarship Awarded





* NLR Other Scholarship Award Per Year






* Total Out of Pocket

per year




Total Out of Pocket Over 4 yr. period





Investment of $698

Covering a 4 yr. period




The average cost of attendance for a student living on campus at a public 4-year in-state institution is $31,800 per year or $71,200 over 4 years. Out-of-state students pay $36,091 per year or $144,364 over 4 years. Private, nonprofit university students pay $55,840 per year or $223,360 over 4 years


NLR IS offering our families a discount on our programs.

·      30% discount off our premium program for those that receive school meal assistance.

·      25% discount for those who do not.


So, what’s included with the NLR (FREE) Recruiting Program


·      Complete Online Profile – Available to Colleges Across the Country

·      24/7 Recruiting Activity Dashboard Access (see example HERE) know what college coach has viewed your academics, film, assessments and most importantly who is RECRUITING YOU!

·      Provide your certified metrices (academics, ht/wt, 40, ss, bench, squat, film, vertical) to college coaches.

·      We work directly with your head coach and their staff in getting you recruited.

·      At NLR 90% of ALL Athletes receive tuition assistance.






We appreciate your business and trust in Next Level Recruiting. It means the world to us, and we look forward to continuing to help all of our students/athletes in their Scholarship Recruiting Process.

Please feel free to call,

Thank you & BFND!



Earl Prince - NLR President of Recruiting Operations

cell: 210-488-3287 office: 210-310-3462



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