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Evan Fine joined Next Level Recruiting on 7/30/2022 

Evan your Recruiting Activity Dashboard was last updated on

10/25/2022 @ 12:31 pm

Contact: 210-897-7774   


twitter: @evanfine724


fine, evan 2022 profile pic.JPG

Coach Assessment

Score 48/50


Outstanding Individual - 10

Good Individual - 8

Questionable - 6


Takes Coaching Well -  10

Does it the easy way - 8

Does it their way - 6

3. Football IQ - 10

Great Instincts - 10

Tell them once - 8

Learns with reps - 6

4. Speed - 10

Outstanding - 10

Good - 8

Average - 6

5. Strength - 8

Exceptionally Strong - 10

Good Strength - 8

Average Strength - 6

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fine head pic.JPG

Academic Accomplishments

While Evan is proving himself athletically on the football fields at SHS so far in his career to-date, he is also focused on keeping his grades up to reach his collegiate goals. As a incoming freshman, Evan is carrying a 3.4 GPA and will be taking his college entrance exams in the near future. For more information on this well-mannered young man, contact our San Antonio based staff at (210) 488-3287 anytime!

Athletic Accomplishments

This young man will be starting his high school career next season at newly formed Sotomayor H.S., competing in highly regarded class 6A District 29. Evan has already shown tremendous upside from his Quarter Back position and looks to continue that trend as he enters his high school career. To say Evan is a young 2026 grad to keep a close eye on would be a tremendous understatement!

Athletic Statistics

Standing 5'7.5" -130lbs as a Fr. Evan combines his strong arm with his ability to scramble and high football IQ to have a bright future ahead of himself at SHS and beyond.


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Evan's Top 7 College Choices
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Oklahoma Sooners logo.jpg
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Understanding my Profile Activity and How to Use it

How athletes can analyze and interpret the Profile Activity they receive from colleges. Your Recruiting Activity Dashboard is automatically updated when colleges engage with your profile. 


There are two primary ways that college coaches will find you on

Next Level Recruiting:

1.   College coaches can search the NLR database for athletes using various filters

2.   Your Recruiter will promote your profile to college coaches


Different types of Profile Activity provide unique insight into what colleges are looking for, their levels of interest ,and how closely they are evaluating you.

Your Top 5 College Choice Promotions

These are your top 5 Colleges of choice That NLR has submitted your complete profile to include your highlights to.


NLR Promotions

These are Colleges that NLR has submitted your profile to based on your Skill set and that College needs.


These are the THREE types Profile Activity you can get on Next Level Recruiting:​

1.   Profile Views

2.   Highlight Views

3.   Follows


When a college coach views your profile, you will receive a Profile View and when they view your highlights, you will receive a Highlights View and when a college coach follows you, you will receive a Follow in your Profile Activity.

When a college follows you CONGRATULATIONS!!! it means you are actively being recruited by that school, they are tracking your progress and will receive notifications whenever your profile is update including:

·         GPA changes

·         SAT/ACT changes

·         Added Highlights

·         Performance report by coaches

·         Changes to coach assessments 


Recruiting Tips, Reminders & Success Tools


  • Student athletes often have to juggle a variety of athletic, academic, and athletic commitments all at once. Schedules are typically jam-packed and workloads tend to be pretty heavy. Here are our Top 10 Tips for student-athletes to make sure the time you are spending in the gym and in the classroom is paying off. 

  • 1. Manage your time.  – Being a student-athlete requires preparation and planning. Make a commitment to academic excellence by making sure you retain enough time for studying and completing schoolwork. Make sure your athletic commitments are working in-sync with your academic needs, not against them. Communicate with your coaches about any potential conflicts between your athletic commitments and your schoolwork. Take time at the start of each season to plan out your schedule to account for practices, assignments, projects, games, and personal time.

  • 2.  Focus on ImprovingWhether on the field or in the classroom, constant improvement should be your end goal. Academic success is vital for your future and as a potential college recruit so make sure to put in the work studying, learning, and working to attain an ideal GPA. Regardless of your sport, working on your fundamental skills is also important. Effort and determination through daily practices will help you improve your athletic ability. Also make sure to spend time outside of practices to work on your game.

  • 3.  Show Your Character In your everyday interactions in class or with your coach and teammates, strive to be the hardest worker on your team. Learn from criticism, stay cool-headed, and show your work ethic through the time you put into practice. Be respectful and aware of how you interact with others. College coaches look for athletes who approach the game with a professional demeanor and who are dedicated to the game.

  • 4. Be A LeaderIf you aren’t already an outspoken voice on your team, learn to be. Work on communicating with your teammates in game and pushing them to better themselves in practice. Hold yourself accountable and push yourself as an example to your teammates. Be vocal about what the team needs to do to succeed and make sure you are leading by example. Outside of the gym try to join school clubs or organization that interest you and try to gain a leadership position in these roles. Show coaches your passion as a leader both on and off the floor.

  • 5. Learn From Failure – There will be moments when you are challenged by a tough loss or a disappointing grade. Use these instances as ways to improve yourself and your abilities. Learn what you need to do to perform under pressure or what you need to focus on learning to improve your grade in your class. Don’t get caught up in your mistakes or failure but instead use your experiences as opportunities to better yourself as a student-athlete. Rely on your coaches and teachers to help you figure out what you need to work on.

  • 6. Maintain Your Relationships – Whether it be your high school coach, teacher, or a college coach, work on maintaining excellent communication with key people in your daily life. Being well-liked and known as a hard worker will get you far in life. Network, work hard, and make it evident that you are completely focused on academic and athletic success. The relationships you build now can provide you advice, potential references, and connections that can help you in the near future.

  • 7. Do Your Research – Spend your time researching schools that seem like a good athletic and academic fit for your abilities. Be cognizant of price, academic qualifications, potential scholarships, and potential majors available at the schools you are exploring. Know what it takes to get to your dream schools, both academically and athletically, and make sure you know which schools match up with your specific needs. One of the easiest ways to search for colleges that match your athletic needs is to create a Next Level Recruiting profile. Users registered to Next Level Recruiting have access to our in-depth college database which provide the academic requirements, sports offered, school size, and other key information to institutions across the United States. All athletes can create a Next Level Recruiting profile. 

  • 8. Reach out to Coaches – You can often find coach contact information on the athletic staff directory college institutions freely provide online. Get in touch with coaches at institutions at the top of your college list. Be professional in your interactions and emphasize your leadership positions and athletic achievements. Make your abilities known by sending coaches highlight videos and updates during the season of your best performances. An easy way to keep coaches updated is to use your Next Level Recruiting profile to send letters to coaches through our online letter generator. Letters can be sent to any coach in our database twice a year and provide an easy way for athletes to quickly contact coaches and inform them of your interest. You can start seeking out coaches by registering for an account .

  • 9. Stay In Shape All Year – It is very easy to take time off during winter break or the summer, but don’t get complacent. Take a week or a few days to rest your body and relax but work yourself back into the grind. In your off-time this can be as simple as going to the gym or working out an hour a day. Try focusing on improving on a particular athletic ability such as your strength, stamina, or speed. Stay in shape and you will be ready to play when the season comes.

  • 10. Keep Your Options Open - When searching for schools, many athletes seem to think their only option is a Division 1 university. However, this isn’t true for all athletes. As Division 1 gets the most attention, the most television coverage and the most scholarships, this is far from the only option. There are many levels of college athletics, including NCAA Division 2 and 3, NAIA and Junior College. Having the mindset that you will only play for a Division 1 school will limit your recruiting options and your chances of receiving a scholarship.

  • Here’s the deal

  • You really need to be prepared before you talk with a college coach. Think about what is important to you and make a list of questions to ask. Make sure the questions will help you make the right decision on which college is the right college fit for you.

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